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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Detailed Guide for Beginners - Part 1
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Hello There, welcome to the first part of a tutorial series aimed at taking you to a journey of excitement. The one that is provided by the introduction of a new member in your family: the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Generation).

This will be the content structure we plan to cover in this series:

  1. What is Amazon Echo Dot?
  2. How to install Amazon Echo Dot? [Buy the eBook]
  3. How to configure Routine Tasks in Amazon Echo Dot? [Buy the eBook ]
  4. How to Configure a Calendar in Amazon Echo Dot? [Buy the eBook]
  5. How to learn with Amazon Echo Dot? [Buy the eBook]
  6. How to Manage your security and privacy on your Echo Dot 3? (Buy the eBook)
  7. What needs to be improved on the Echo Dot 3 ? (Buy the eBook


1.- What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker built with Artificial Intelligence (Listen to Alexa telling you what this is: ) to provide human with a Digital Assistant. The name of this digital assistant is Alexa. That is why it is required to prefix everything you want to tell the device with the word “Alexa”. Same when someone calls your name. That means he is speaking to you. We cannot expect the Digital Assistant to answer our questions if we have not specified her name clearly.

Now, when you read or hear Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot (2nd) and Amazon Echo Dot (3rd) or 4th generation (Is it a good choice?), they are referring to improvements of the devices and each new set of improvements is packed in a new name to grab our attention. The essential improvements of the 3rd generation is: physical size and shape, sound quality and voice reception perfomance. Unless you have no other choice, there is no reason to buy the first or second generation.

2- How to install Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)?

Assuming that you have already purchased your Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen), you either have it or impatiently waiting for it to arrive (I bet it’s worth the excitement). In case you want to get yours now you can buy it here

Here are a few pictures of the package and the device during the process of unpackaging:

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Unpacking Technopro Haiti 1

Here are the things you need to have ready before starting the installation process:

a) Make sure you have your device connected to a power source (locate the AC adapter that comes with the device, you do not want to lose that cable). It does not use a Battery. Unless you have an inverter system or other energy source (like this one) where you can plug the device using its own power adapter.

b) You must have a WiFi internet connection, either by using a physical WiFi router connected to an internet service or a 4G/LTE modem with WiFi so that you can, in case necessary, carry it with you when you want to travel in or out country with your Amazon Echo Dot, that will save you some time of new configurations of the device. All you would have to do is change the sim card to a new working one.

In my case, i am already paying a shared internet at my apartment. It would make no sense to contract a new internet service. But you have to be careful when it comes to shared internet as Amazon Echo Dot uses a lot of Internet Bandwidth if you Stream Music a lot. It could consume up to 2 GB/day if you music stream full day. If you are capped by a data plan, you would better activate the data bandwidth limit feature of your internet equipment (if available) or just use less music streaming. Never go to bed leaving your Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen.) streaming music if you do not have unlimited usage internet.

I extend the WiFi connection with the extender functionality of my Huawei 4G modem and works flawlessly. I have the flexibility to use a Sim Card in case i want to move with my Echo Dot and never have to touch the device configuration again.

c) You need to install the amazon Alexa App from your Smartphone App Store. In my case i use Android so, i downloaded the Alexa App from Playstore. You just have to open the App Store and type “Alexa App” you will then see the name and a light blue icon waiting for your instructions.

That is it for the first part of the tutorial. If i have missed anything please leave us a comment and we’ll be glad to hear from you and we want you to participate in making this detailed guide as helpful as possible. See you next week for Part 2.

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