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Just like Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder and CEO, we share our passion for technologies with the world. It is our unique way to express our love. Based on that we curate who we do business with in order to protect our brand from detractors, we do not want our customers to suffer from that. The founder and CEO of TECHNOPRO, Engineer Osirus Rodrigue (See Professional profile | Private and Political life | Religion | Youtube channel) says: "I bring the changes i want done in the world" to repeat after Mahatma Gandhi. One of Eng. OSIRUS dreams was to serve the world a better way in the area of new technologies (See our Services). That is why TECHNOPRO was born and means (Technology Promotion, Education and Solution - for a better World). It is important to highlight its origin from Greek TEKNON which means metaphorically "obedience" and PRO for professionalism. Therefore TECHNOPRO obeys to professionalism, it embraces it.

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